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Strongbow Rebrand

Strongbow have been busy working on this new design. What do you think?

We think it makes you realise how bad the old one was. Still based on the Norman Warlord, this archer has a little more character and details than his abstract predecessor.

images and story from Brand New

New Strongbow Logo Design

New Strongbow Logo Design

OK, so now I don't care about the logo, but I am thirsty


Still thirsty, but I've decided to go to the gym instead now. Roll on the weekend

The packaging is really nice, I love the way the new arrow head slashes through stuff and you definitely get the refreshment vibe coming through.

I’m not a huge fan of the new design (Do the letters look a little squashed?), mainly because the icon isn’t in the centre. I know that’s a really naive reason, but I guess I’ve just been conditioned that way. Besides, In my opinion, successful logos are often built on a strong foundation of balance and symmetry.

What do you think of the new designs?

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