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Save up to 50% OFF Our new marketing ideas in June

Clients always ask us for new ideas to help market themselves differently. Our lab boffins have been busy inventing new low-cost print items, designed to give you the edge and make you look great. We’ve gathered our favourite new stuff in this little booklet and we thought you might like some special prices, so we chiselled up to 50% off as an incentive to try them in June. Enjoy!

Framed Canvas Prints

make beautiful signage and elegant decoration for your office or store

You’ve probably admired box canvas prints in a gallery or expensive retailer. Now get the studio look with our Premium Framed Canvases. We’ll print your design – a photo, illustration or signage – onto a 350gsm natural feel cotton canvas. We then tension it over a thick 38mm wooden frame, fold it, staple and tape it on the rear for a neat professional finish. ‘Bleed’ your image off all sides or pick a smart contrasting colour.

Prices start from just £18.

Luxury Business Cards

with a cut-out shape to attract attention

Become instantly more memorable – cut out your business cards into any simple shape of your choice. We start with a luxury 400gsm artboard and matt laminate it on both sides for a wonderful feel. Then we ‘stamp’ out your chosen shape to make a unique, shaped business card. Now available in new single-sided, or add a map or photo on the reverse to make them more useful.

50% Off Luxury Shaped Business Cards

Overprinted Envelopes

are a versatile direct mail and marketing weapon

Overprinted printed envelopes

Curb appeal. We’re not talking attractive pavements. It’s what you need to entice people to view your property and it’s the same for your marketing. Give your envelopes a marketing or branding makeover and you’ll get a better chance of them being opened.

Create a little bit of intrigue or a tiny sparkle of suspense. Use full colour Overprinted Envelopes to start selling on the outside, before they open your letter – it’s all about getting their attention.

25% Off Overprinted Envelopes

Fast & Few Booklets

are ideal for price lists and programmes


Need some booklets and need them quickly? Our Fast & Few booklets are the answer. Order as few as 50 copies and get them fast – in just 3 days (or tomorrow if you’re in a real hurry). Our new machine makes these little beauties in one go, which means our prices are really low. Hey, that rhymes.

Fast & Few booklets are printed differently to our other full colour printing – it’s the only way we can make them so quickly, in such low quantities. We think you’ll be impressed with the quality though.

50% Off Fast & Few Booklets

Fabu-Gloss Duplex Showcards

make thick flyers and magnificent menus

Showcards Menus

Fabu-Gloss Showcards make eye catching thick flyers, mailers, postcards and invitations. Add a crease to make wonderfully glossy brochures, or add a simple cut-out shape to make them even more eye-catching. Our new Duplex range is gloss laminated on both sides for our glossiest showcards ever.

50% Off Fabu-Gloss Duplex Showcards


are now available in new lower quantities

A5 Leafets

All our leaflets and folded leaflets now start in quantities of just 250. Choose from a range of 5 paper weights from 100gsm up to meaty 170gsm. These Mass Marketing Leaflets are printed on the same paper as this booklet and punch above their weight.

50% Off Mass Marketing Leaflets

Phewpf! Quite a few ideas there to get your thinking around. Lots of cool ways to market your business.

Sales a bit slow?… Why not give us a go!

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