Crunch Simply Digital are at the forefront of things when it comes to online advertising. Think of them as a smart thinking, fast moving trading desk for online advertising opportunities. One that leverages cutting edge technology to make thousands of realtime decisions in milliseconds. Decisions that put the right ads in front of the right people at the right price.
The opportunity available to online marketers is huge, but it’s also a very complex area, and that’s where Crunch come in. Because in addition to their technology, they also have bags of experience and access to exclusive ad opportunities. Programmatic Buying is a tricky concept to understand, and can take a lot of explaining. So what better way to make a start than a short animated explainer video?

The idea behind this video was to introduce the concept of programmatic buying. It wasn’t designed to explain fully what it is, or how it works, but simply to let people know it’s there. We wanted to communicate the feeling that an awful lot of stuff is happening, in a really short space of time. Too much and too quickly to be managed manually. In some weird oxymoron way we wanted to portray chaos and order, complexity and simplicity. All together. In about a minute.