Initial meeting and Script analysis

To kick things off, its best to have a chat about your project and see what it is you hope to achieve. It also gives us the opportunity to get to know you and understand your business. So if you want to pop into the studio for a coffee, or prefer to speak on the phone or Skype that would be great.

Initial design proposal

Ideas. You may have a very specific vision for your project and that is great. It means we have a good launchpad for the direction that we will work in.

But if you have an idea and just cannot visualise it, we can get the pad and pen and start thrashing ideas around.

Script editing and writing

You may have a very definite script already or you might need some help. That’s what we’re here for, so if you just have a vague idea of what you would like to say, leave it to us. We have experience in writing dialog and voiceovers for a wide range of businesses and we know what it needs to say to be effective.

Voiceover recording

We have a number of talented voice artists that we are able to work with, or you can provide your own. We’re happy to make recommendations for suitable candidates for your project. We organise these sessions and you are welcome to sit in remotely and give direction on the recording session.

Soundtrack recommendation

Onto music. Most projects are really brought to life with the sound of music. As with the voice artist we are happy to make recommendations.


We like to offer collaborative storyboard development. Our lead animator will discuss the storyboard and plan for animated transitions during a Skype call where we can share our screen and develop the ideas together. This is a fun, interactive stage.

Visual break down

At this point you will know what’s going to happen but not how its going to look. So, we take key frames and assets from the storyboard and draft them out in full glory. At this stage you will have a very good idea of how the project will look and move.

Asset construction

Time to build. All those lovely characters and props from the storyboard now have to be constructed so we can get them moving.

Animation and editing

Where the magic happens. Leave this bit to us, its what we do best. You will get to see examples along the way.

Test render and client feedback

Your first look at the project in full. At this point your project is just shy of the final polish, and we take this opportunity to make sure we have hit the mark.

Final render and Delivery

Your project is output to your specification and delivered as per requested.

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