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Bubbles bring in the customers

I was walking on Wind St in Swansea today when all of a sudden there where bubbles everywhere! Big round, shiny, oily bubbles blowing down from a first floor window into the street below. Everyone walking by on their lunch break noticed it.

Behind that first floor window you’ll find a nail salon called Bubbles. In the window is the phone number and a call to action saying what number door they are and asking you to walk in for an appointment. Can’t say I’ve ever noticed this before. I’ve never had reason to look. Now, although I’m not going to get my nails done anytime soon, I couldn’t help but think this was a really smart idea. It works two fold, obviously there’s the connection with the name ‘Bubbles’, but more importantly, it made me look up there.

Their window vinyl signage isn’t great and the branding is worse. However, I want to congratulate them for trying something different and delivering what is a very smart piece of marketing.


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