Animated Video – 7 reasons why you need one

1. Explainer Video

Explain your business, idea or product

What better way is there to explain your concept than with a well crafted, concise audio/visual presentation?

Let me tell you, there isn’t one. Your audience is used to getting their information in quick and bite sized amounts.

Your sixty-second animated video will work better than any ten minute sales pitch or multi page write up.

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2. Use Animation to State Your Objective

Albert Einstein said ‘If you cannot explain your subject simply you don’t know it well enough’ and this is the very ethos we work to. Understanding your message and delivering it to the masses is what we do best. Simple + quick = effective.

3. Use Animated Video to Rank Better in Google and Increase Web Traffic

Having a great explainer video or promo video is a great way to drive people to your website and ultimately get in touch.

Google loves quality content and therefore your video. After the introduction of hummingbird to their search tools, a good informative video is likely to rank much higher than the static text equivalent.

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4. Use Animated Video to Help Your Audience Remember

90% of information transmitted to the human brain is visual. If you are promoting your business in a visual media your viewer is much more likely to remember key points of what you were promoting.

5. Show Your Personality Through Animated Video

What better way to show off your corporate image or your sassy start up persona than with your own promotional video? A video can really tell the world who you are and what you are all about.

How Do I Get an Animated Video?

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6. Use Animated Video to Get People Excited and Get Shared

Since the early days of Youtube the term ‘going viral’ has been become the phrase for a highly successful video that has reached millions of viewers. But it is the viewers themselves that have shared to create the popularity.

views of videos and video sharing that in 2015 there were 8 billion daily views of videos and video sharing was up by 70%.

7. Animated Video is Proven to Increase Sales and Conversions

Marketing professionals rate video. Marketing professionals concluded that 70% agreed video converted better than any other medium and that an email with video increased the click through rate by 200% – 300%.

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